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Most manufacturing companies will need forklift drivers to obtain a forklift certification to ensure that the employees have been trained for the job and everyone is safe. The certification process has a lot of routes involved but basically, you will need to undergo training specified for forklift operators and you will also need to pass an exam.



The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) will never issue certification to operators who have not gone through professional training and those who failed the appropriate exams to make sure that all forklift operators are knowledgeable on how to use the equipment safely.



Here are the things you need to furnish before getting OSHA's approval:



First of all, you need to complete professional forklift training courses through this resource page. The courses will include proper usage of the tools, basic safety regulations, and detailed explanations about the parts of a forklift. The training sessions will also give you time to watch videos relevant to the course. You may also be required to pass a written test by the end of training.



After you've learned the basics and you've successfully passed the first stage of training, a practical forklift course will follow immediately. This is the perfect time to let your supervisor know that you've learned a lot from the classes and you have also understood the discussions clearly. This is crucial stage that you need to get through.



Finally, you need to pass the evaluation that will compute your learning based on the written test and practical exam results. If you pass both tests, though, you will surely get your certification card instantly. Click here to find out more about the frequently asked questions.



It is worth noting that a certification card is different from a company certification so you still need to get the latter.



For company certification, you need to enroll in a forklift certification training school where you will get more in-depth training and once you accomplish the exam that the school requires you to take, you will obtain your company's forklift certification.



You also need to take note that your company's official certification will end after 2 to 3 years. You will need to renew the certification after this period. Within this period, you can use the certification for manufacturing, construction, or warehouse purposes.



A forklift certification is very helpful for ensuring that you're not going to be faced with future legal battles but also for the safety of your employees. Accidents will be lessened and you can save money on employee care costs. 



It is every business owner's responsibility to ensure that all forklift specialists are well-trained for the job so the risk of accidents can be reduced and every system and process in the workplace is adhering to the standards established by the law.



The process for forklift certification may get stressful at times but it will surely give you fruitful returns for the investment in the long run. Visit to read more about this.